Jessica Honig is a psychotherapist with a focus area of anxiety relief. Through flow – a technique she coaches for optimizing the present moment, one unlocks creative and calming energy. Her training includes graduate work in creativity and human development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and clinical social work at Smith College. Her mindfulness techniques foster growth in areas such as work, dating, socialization, co-parenting, and artistry. Clients receive individualized services integrating Psychodynamic, Expressive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, including Exposure Desensitization techniques. Professionally, Jessica serves as an Associate Editor of the HPHR Journal (formerly known as the Harvard Public Health Review) and authors academic plus opinion pieces on wellness. Her writing has been featured via the NYC Daily Post, HPHR Journal, and Prodigy Gold Books

Jessica can be reached at 610-290-3985


4 responses to “About

  1. I was wondering if you accept insurances? I have ibx ppo

    • Hello! I’d be happy to discuss insurance options with you. I should be able to work with IBX. Please give me a call if you would like to further talk about my services and insurance options. I am reachable at 610-290-3985. Thanks for your comment. Jessica

  2. Hi. Do you accept medicare by chance? I like what you wrote. Michelle 484-401-6308. I could walk to your office. Im fairly new to this area.

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