Anxiety develops as a physical and mental response to fear or the natural desire to preserve what is most important to us. Babies have it, relationships go through it, and most people feel the sensation at some point in their lives. By being anxious, we create barriers to risk. Sometimes fear is based on true risk, and we protect ourselves as humans by responding in a way that avoids, prevents, or fights the fear.

Unproductive anxiety emerges when our response to fear – such as avoidance, passivity, obsessive worry or physical symptoms like sweats, racing heart and loss of access to words – overwhelm our ability to live the life we desire.


Anxiety may spread across all aspects of life, or develop in specific areas like work, parenting, public speaking, talking to strangers, intimacy, a reminder of the past, health issues, certain animals, cultural isolation, or feeling trapped in a busy world.

If anxiety prevents you or a loved one from taking advantage of a new opportunity, or even getting through the average day, please contact Jessica to see if her approach to treatment may be helpful.


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